Outdoor Games You Can Do in Ara Vista

The best games are played outdoors where the sun energizes your body and the breeze refreshes you. Dynamic activities often require wide space for players to move. While we do not disregard the fun brought by indoor games, outdoor activities have their own merits. So in choosing a neighborhood for your growing family, it’s important to consider those with vast outdoor spaces to offer like Ara Vista Village.

With a rich range of amenities, Ara Vista Village has the vibrant venues for family wanting to bond together in an active way. Here are some of outdoor games parents and kids can do in Ara Vista Village.

Basketball Game

Make a slam dunk or a three-point shot with Filipino’s favorite ball game – basketball. Ara Vista Village has a whole court for that.

Tennis Game

For  those who just can’t get enough of ball games, get your rackets ready with tennis.

Online Games with Nature

Virtual games are so much fun when you’re with nature. With complete Wi-Fi access outdoors, you can continue your online adventure whether outside your home.

Iconic Pinoy Games

Play the all-time favorite Pinoy outdoor games like mataya-taya, tumbang preso, luksong baka, pati

ntero or more. With vast open spaces in Ara Vista Village, embarking on these activities is easy.

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