Fun Ways to Bond with Kids on a Weekend

Most often than not, weekdays are spent on long work hours, consuming your time with your kids at home. Usually, you come home feeling tired and stressed that you don’t have enough energy left to play with them.

This makes weekends special and important to parents like you because it is the only free time you have to be with your kids. If you would just be creative, there are so many fun activities that you can do to spend quality bonding time with them whole gang.

Outdoor Picnic

The park right next to your neighborhood can be an ideal venue to enjoy a picnic experience. You only need a few things to bring like great food, cloth, your pets and toys such a Frisbee.


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Malling is the first thing that pops in our head whenever we wish to leave the house to enjoy. Well, it’s a popular choice and there are countless activities to do in it. You just have to make sure that you visit new shops each time you go to the mall so that it doesn’t become boring at all.

Watch Movies at Home

An all-day movie marathon with popcorns can be very enjoyable. Pick animated and horror films; they are usually the ones that are fun to watch in groups.

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Cook Together

What’s fun in cooking together is that you teach them with a new skill. Cook with your kids so that when the right time comes, they will know how to prepare their own. After this, all of can enjoy the dish you concocted.

Clean the House Together

Sometimes, doing household chores with the whole family is a fun experience. You not only make cleaning easier and faster; you also teach them how to be responsible in maintaining cleanliness at home. Assign a task to each member and see how well they’ll perform.

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